Terrace Restaurant Piare 1F

Terrace Restaurant Piare

Piare is a terrace restaurant featuring large windows facing the courtyard. Slow time passes in the store where you can feel the changes of the four seasons in Nakajima Park.

In addition to the menu centered on Italian, we are waiting for you to prepare a menu that you can enjoy in various scenes with your family and friends. Spring trees, winter glitter, sunny days, rainy days ... Want to find your favorite way of spending?

2nd floor seats

We have 2nd floor seats that can be used for various gatherings such as gatherings with close friends and meals with family members.
Please enjoy an irreplaceable time while relaxing in a calm space.

Introducing the chef

景井 賢司 kenji kagei

We offer an Italian-centered menu that incorporates abundant vegetables harvested by our own vegetable garden "Gran Vista Farm", the hotel's "Piare vegetable garden", and contract farmers. Please enjoy it in the bright atmosphere facing the courtyard.


Experienced the main dining "Lausanne", which has been loved since the hotel opened, for many years.
From 2012, he became the chef of the membership club "Park Club", and from 2016 he became the chef of the terrace restaurant "Kitara", and in 2020 he became the chef of the terrace restaurant "Piare".

For those with food allergies

We deal with it as much as possible so that guests with food allergies can enjoy their meal safely and securely. Regarding the details of specific ingredients, please refer to the page "For the guests with food allergies".

Rainforest Alliance

Sapporo Park Hotel agrees with the idea of the Rainforest Alliance and uses Rainforest Alliance certified farm coffee beans. By using the raw materials (coffee beans) of Rainforest Alliance certified farms, we actively support environmental conservation, biodiversity conservation efforts, and sustainable agriculture.


Reservations can be easily made on the online reservation site.
If you have any requests or dishes, please call us.


Reception time 09:00 - 18:00 ※No Regular Holidays


Ideally located in the heart of Sapporo city, and spending a memorable time with a variety of rooms facing the seasonal scenery.

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