Togenkyo Chinese Restaurant 4F


A hospitality dish unique to Sapporo Park Hotel that uses abundant mountain and seafood.

The taste of Sichuan is a trinity with acid, vine, bitterness, spicy, hemp, saltiness, color and aroma. It is a Chinese food that suits the tastes of Japanese people who love Gomi very well. Why don't you add your first dish to a familiar dish? Encountering new tastes is very exciting. First of all, please examine with your eyes and have a good time.

Private room

[Private room type]
・ 1 room for 16 people
・ 1 room for 12 people
・ 8 people room 1 room
・ 6 people room 2 rooms
* Up to 20 people can use it.

[Room charge]
400 yen (1 person, tax included)

* Private rooms are available for 4 people or more.

Introducing the chef

菊池 昭宏 Akihiro Kikuchi

You can enjoy a deep taste that makes full use of a variety of flavors that are not just spicy, but firmly express the taste that was cultivated in Sichuan. We are particular about vegetables that tend to play a supporting role, and we will deliver dishes that have a good texture even when oiled, and that also cherish the flavorful seasonal ingredients (season).


Joined the company in 1994, served as the chef of Sichuan cuisine "Togenkyo" in March 2014, and became the chef of "Sapporo Park Hotel Chinese cuisine" in April 2016. With a serious attitude toward cooking, he has been supporting the taste of Taoyuan Township for more than 50 years.

For those with food allergies

We deal with it as much as possible so that guests with food allergies can enjoy their meal safely and securely. Regarding the details of specific ingredients, please refer to the page "For the guests with food allergies".

Rainforest Alliance

Sapporo Park Hotel agrees with the idea of the Rainforest Alliance and uses Rainforest Alliance certified farm coffee beans. By using the raw materials (coffee beans) of Rainforest Alliance certified farms, we actively support environmental conservation, biodiversity conservation efforts, and sustainable agriculture.


Reservations can be easily made on the online reservation site.
If you have any requests or dishes, please call us.


Reception time 09:00 - 18:00 ※No Regular Holidays


Ideally located in the heart of Sapporo city, and spending a memorable time with a variety of rooms facing the seasonal scenery.

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