Nadaman Garden Japanese Restaurant 11F


Rich in individuality, gorgeous, seasonal tastes bloom and compete. Please enjoy the long-established tradition, skill and taste of Nadaman while enjoying the panoramic view of Nakajima Park.

Founded in the first year of Tenpo (1830). The long-established history is not limited to one restaurant, but has led the Japanese food culture. While preserving tradition, we are pursuing the taste and style that suits the times while arranging the long-established taste in a modern style.

Private room

Western private room: 4 to 8 people (private room charge: 1 room including tax 3,300 yen)
Japanese-style room (Hori Kotatsu): 8 to 14 people (Private room charge: 5,500 yen including tax per room)
* Private room charges are not charged during lunch hours on weekdays.
* Reservations for private rooms must be made up to 3 days before the scheduled date of use.

Introducing the chef

大田 幸一 Koichi Ota

"I became a chef because I wanted to make dishes that would make me smile." I will come by. "


Born in Kochi prefecture
After joining Nadaman Nakanoshima, he became the deputy chef of Sakai Kitchen, the deputy chef of Osaka Nadaman, the chief of Singapore Nadaman (at that time), the deputy chef of Kioi Nadaman, and the chef of Hakone Nadaman Masaden. Inauguration, up to the present.

For those with food allergies

We deal with it as much as possible so that guests with food allergies can enjoy their meal safely and securely. Regarding the details of specific ingredients, please refer to the page "For the guests with food allergies".

Rainforest Alliance

Sapporo Park Hotel agrees with the idea of the Rainforest Alliance and uses Rainforest Alliance certified farm coffee beans. By using the raw materials (coffee beans) of Rainforest Alliance certified farms, we actively support environmental conservation, biodiversity conservation efforts, and sustainable agriculture.


Reservations can be easily made on the online reservation site.
If you have any requests or dishes, please call us.


※Periodic Close Shimizu Sushi Bar Wednesday
Matsui Tempura Bar Thursday
※Open on public holidays


Ideally located in the heart of Sapporo city, and spending a memorable time with a variety of rooms facing the seasonal scenery.

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