Membership Club PARK CLUB

Membership Club PARK CLUB

Since its birth in 1967, Park Club has been loved and loved by many people.

You can enjoy a variety of dishes and famous sake from around the world. Please use it freely according to your purpose.


Private Room

Feel free to use it according to your purpose, such as a counter bar, music salon, or special room that you can feel free to use by yourself. Among them, the Music Salon has two elegant private rooms with an adult feel that can accommodate 8 to 20 people.

Introducing the Chef

米谷 竹二 Takeji Yoneya

In addition to Western dishes such as French, we also offer a variety of dishes such as ethnic dishes and liquor snacks.


Since joining the company in 1993, he has experienced Western cooking and restaurant cooking. After working as a Western banquet and deputy chef in March 2016, and as a banquet cooking section chef in July 2018, a membership bar (park club) in February 2021. Became the head chef. We are offering a modern dish while using the cooking method that inherits the tradition of the park hotel. 《Award history》
2002 ICC Memorial Cooking Contest Fish Cooking Category Gold Award Winner of the 53rd Sapporo Snow Festival "22nd Susukino Ice Festival" Ice Sculpture Contest 2007 Ice Sculpture World Tournament New Face Award. 2014 Ice Sculpture World Championship Winner.

For those with food allergies

We deal with it as much as possible so that guests with food allergies can enjoy their meal safely and securely. Regarding the details of specific ingredients, please refer to the page "For the guests with food allergies".

Rainforest Alliance

Sapporo Park Hotel agrees with the idea of the Rainforest Alliance and uses Rainforest Alliance certified farm coffee beans. By using the raw materials (coffee beans) of Rainforest Alliance certified farms, we actively support environmental conservation, biodiversity conservation efforts, and sustainable agriculture.


Reservations can be easily made on the online reservation site.
If you have any requests or dishes, please call us.


Reception Time 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m. ※No Regular Holidays


Ideally located in the heart of Sapporo city, and spending a memorable time with a variety of rooms facing the seasonal scenery.

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